Rhapsody Theater

A storied theater begins a new life. We are magic, we are music, we are hope, we are Rhapsody. Tickets now on sale for our Grand Opening this June 16th in the heart of Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood.

Rhapsody Theater is Chicago's newest entertainment destination with an entirely new vision. From opening day on, we will bring an incredibly diverse lineup to the stage filled with star-studded acts from internationally renowned magicians, highly acclaimed chamber music, unique world music, cabaret and dance performances in our beautiful and intimate 200-seat venue.

Upcoming Performances

Ross Johnson: A Funny Thing Happened Tomorrow

Jun 26, 2022 - Jul 31, 2022

Ross Johnson knows you’re skeptical about ESP. He knows you don't believe in mind reading, second sight or mental projection because, well, he can read your mind!

For more than three decades, Ross Johnson has been hailed as one of the most gifted psychic performers of our time. Mind reader, magician, clairvoyant, fortune teller, telepath, mentalist... Ross Johnson is all this and more. He is a master of intuition and has a remarkable ability to see what can’t be seen and hear what can’t be heard.

Combining elements of extrasensory perception, magic and mind over matter, Ross provides his audiences with an entertaining and highly interactive experience. Even the most hardened skeptics become believers.

"Outstanding! Our group was fascinated, intrigued, baffled, mystified and just plain entertained the entire time [he was] on stage. [Johnson] certainly possess[es] a great talent." – David C. Ambrose, General Mills, Inc.

"I'm sure you're no stranger to such comments on [this] performance as 'astounding,' 'extraordinary,' 'incredible' or even 'shocking. But [Johnson's] recent appearance at our meeting dinner was all those and more." – Jeffrey S. Garnes, FMC Corporation

Zabrecky: The Zabrecky Hour

Jul 21, 2022 - Sep 24, 2022

Looking for magical entertainment outside of the box? Zabrecky is a two-time Stage Magician of The Year award winner. He is an entertainer unlike any you’ve ever seen before. In live performances he invents a magical world through a series of oddly beautiful effects which he combines with remarkable timing and sensational theatrical edifice.

Like film director David Lynch, Zabrecky sets the stage for everyday life, then he sets it on fire. He is strange and then wonderful. Puzzling. Empathetic. Engaging. Talented. And, get ready, all of these in quick succession: mysterious, hilarious, and always unexpected.

"A unique persona, highly reminiscent of Norman Bates, with a bit of Rod Serling in the mix — a psycho from the Twilight Zone, doing magic." – Magic Magazine

"Zabrecky: one highly entertaining bundle of distinct point of view." – LA Times

Sunday Fizz

Jul 31, 2022 - Sep 25, 2022

Finish your week right with Sunday Fizz: a night of music, comedy, and musical comedy. Hosted by Robbie Ellis (WFMT, The Annoyance Theater), he and his talented friends perform from the Rhapsody Theater’s Steinway grand piano and give you a fun night out. Kick back, have a drink, and enjoy some sparkling entertainment.

Guests for July 31:
Bill Larkin – piano comedy
Show You Suck – comedy rap
Mary Kelly – stand-up
Liz Falstreau – cabaret

Guests for August 28:
Kathleen Butler-Duplessis – piano comedy
Scoochie Boochie – comedy rap
Sohrab Forouzesh – stand-up
Jen Connor – cabaret

Guests for September 25:
Bryce Halliday – piano comedy
Jamie Shriner – musical comedy
Eunji Kim – stand-up
Carla Stickler – musical theater

1328 W. Morse Avenue | Ticketing Assistance: Tuesday-Saturday 1pm-5pm at (888) 495-9001

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