Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I arrive at the theater?
We can’t wait for you to come see us! We usually recommend that folks arrive at the theater up to one hour before the performance. This way, you will have an easy time finding your seat, and you’ll be able to enjoy our exceptional bar before you get there!

Can my kids come to see a show?
Most of our shows are enjoyable for children and adults. A suggested-age-range will vary, and you can find this information in the show description. That said, you know your kid best! If profanity or certain content is of concern to you, we are happy to let you know about it before you buy your tickets. Write to

What is the parking situation?
Valet is available for almost every show. If you opt for street parking, make sure you read nearby signs, which will tell you where and how much to pay.

Is there a restaurant at the theater?
Plans are underway for Rhapsody to have a full-service restaurant in late 2022. In the meantime, you can order J.B. Alberto’s pizza next door, and eat it at a Rhapsody table.

What kind of drinks do you sell?
The Rhapsody bar is stocked with beer, wine, spirits, and sodas for your eager consumption. Recurring shows may have custom, themed cocktails to make you feel a part of the magic.

Can I bring purchased drinks into the theater?
Rhapsody Theater’s cabaret seating includes tables and/or counters for you to set your drink. For most shows, not only can you bring them in the theater, but drink service may continue throughout the show! If you’d like to hang out with us after the performance, you are welcome to stay in our front bar until we close.

My seats are not in numerical order; are they together?
Unless you specifically asked to be seated separately, we will do our very best to seat your party together. It’s true that some of our tables don’t sound like they are near each other, but we promise they are! In our intimate space, there is no bad seat in the house, and if something should go amiss, we can usually shift things around so everyone is happily seated together.

Will the theater hold my larger belongings while I see the show?
Whether you’ve been shopping up at Jarvis Square, or it’s wintertime and you have a heap of jackets in your arms, the Rhapsody front of house staff will check your items in the coat check for the duration of the show. Oversized bags are required to be checked; fur coats are not accepted at the coat check. Once the show is over, be sure to collect your items before the theater closes.