Rhapsody Theater COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy

A message from our Founder: Dr. Ricardo T. Rosenkranz, MD:

“The Rhapsody Theater is excited to welcome artists, staff, and audiences to our new home in the heart of Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood! We are committed to providing an unforgettable experience for all in a safe and healthy environment.

The past few years have been difficult to navigate for all of us as individuals and for all organizations ranging from Teaching Hospitals to Theaters. Our vaccinated staff works diligently to keep vetted protocols aimed at minimizing the risk of COVID-19 to our team members and patrons.

As someone who has created COVID-19 policy for several organizations in the past two years, I am proud of all that we are accomplishing in the Arts Community in general, and at the Rhapsody Theater in particular. Our policies are based on the most current evidence-based information. We thank you for joining us at Rhapsody and are thankful for the trust you have placed in our team. We look forward to providing the safest and most memorable performance possible.”

Current COVID-19 Guidelines:


Masks are not Required

Masks are optional and not required.

Masks are recommended for at risk individuals .


Vaccinations are not Required

Vaccinations not required for entry. However, we encourage all patrons to be fully vaccinated, as vaccines unequivocally prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and serious complications.


Proof of Negative Test is not Required

Proof of negative testing is not required.


COVID-19 Related Exchanges:

If you feel unwell or exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms, prior to your performance, please contact our Ticketing Department at (888) 495-9100 or email tickets@rhapsodytheater.com immediately. If possible, contact us 48 hours prior to your performance time, and we will arrange for a credit for a later date. There are no refunds or exchanges for requests made after your showtime, and there are no refunds or exchanges related to COVID protocol.


Evolving Policies and Guidelines:

Please understand that our current COVID-19 guidelines may change as the evolving epidemiology of COVID-19 presents different conditions and challenges. We work hard to communicate changes to our policy in a timely and efficient manner.