A new name and a new marquee

for a storied theater



Originally known as the Morse Theater built in 1912, this destination has long-been a source of arts and entertainment (formerly operating as the Co-Ed Theater and the Mayne Stage). The Rhapsody Theater brings a new and magical experience to Roger’s Park. This includes a newly developed, full-service restaurant and three bars throughout, which owner Dr. Ricardo T. Rosenkranz believes will be an outlet for both patrons and community members to enjoy year-round.

The multi-faceted theater is perfectly primed for world-class performances. With state-of-the-art acoustics and versatile seating arrangements, our space allows for enhanced, intimate and large format experiences. Our vision of Rhapsody also includes an upstairs lounge, perfect for after-performance socializing, “meet and greet” events with performers, and much more.