Sunday, May 28, 2023 2:00 PM

Schubert’s Trout Quintet needs no introduction. It is an all time favorite for the performers and the listeners. Did you know Schubert wrote this famous quintet at the invitation of Sylvester Paumgartner (host of Schubert’s summer vacations in 1819) who was particularly enamored with Nepomuk Hummel’s quintet for this instrumentation?

Louise Farrenc, a woman in a man’s world: 19th-century musical Paris, was a celebrated pianist and composer. Farrenc produced a considerable number of chamber works and three symphonies as well as a large output of solo piano music. Her two piano quintets with the ‘Trout’ instrumentation were inspired by Hummel and Schubert. Come join us for this season finale to celebrate the spring and welcome the summer!

Hummel Piano Quintet, Op. 87

Farrenc Piano Quintet No. 1, Op. 30

Schubert Piano Quintet in A Major, D. 667 Trout

Guest Artist: Weijing Wang Michal, Ian Hallas

Tiny Bits of Giant Blood and Electric Seth Limmer Orchestra

May 13, 2023 7:00 PM


A one-night only event: Critically-adored “glam punk heavy rock” band Tiny Bit of Giant’s Blood makes their first Chicago appearance since early 2020… with the debut performance of their new mini-space-rock-opera “1-9-7-5,” with other new hits and death-transcending favorites.

In the spirit of Rush: 2112 and The Who: Tommy, “1-9-7-5” spins a futuristic tale that sees an entire generation of elder humans conscripted into deep space for life-threatening exploration…. one ship in particular whose course is inalterably plotted for the heart of the nearest black hole.

Praise for TBGB:
“Sonically bold”  —The Big Takeover
“Gloriously eccentric”  —Get Ready to Rock
“So ready for an arena, you want to build one for them” —New City
“Exquisitely pornographic arrangements” —Deep In The Music
“Like Queen meets The Sweet” —Strutter

w/ THE ELECTRIC SETH LIMMER ORCHESTRA performing songs of ‘75

Before your journey to the future, you’ll boogie back to the not-so-distant past, with an opening set from Seth Limmer’s band of rock & roll time-travelers, performing the most iconic songs of 1975—the year that gave us BORN TO RUN, YOUNG AMERICANS, FLEETWOOD MAC, and KISS ALIVE for starters!

Sponsored by the Interstellar Productivity Project: “If you were born before 1980, you must report to the Rhapsody Theater on May 13.”